Rainbow Six Siege open beta coming soon plus Idris Elba trailer


Rainbow Six Siege open beta coming soon plus Idris Elba trailer

The full retail release of Ubisoft's Rainbow Six Siege isn't far away but you can get a look at the game early with a full open beta that will run from the 25th to the 29th of November.

Firstly, if you were involved with the closed beta you'll be able to get into the new beta a full 24 hours early - to give you a headstart on your friends. In addition, you'll be able to start pre-loading the content on the 23rd of November, which is a nice thing indeed.

There will be three new playable operators in the open beta from the Russian Spetsnaz forces with names like Glaz, Kapkan and Tachanka. In total you'll have access to 14 operators and 5 reserves, so there will be plenty to choose from with different loadouts and looks.

Several modes will be available, including PvP Secure Area and Bomb levels, as well as Terrorist Hunt which pits your team against hordes of enemies as you try to disarm a bomb. And also try to not die. These fights will unfold across three maps - Kanal, Hereford and House which can be played in day or night settings for a completely different feel.

A big part of this open beta will be testing the servers under max load to make sure they'll cope once the full game arrives. Unfortunately any progress made won't transfer to the full game, which is a shame seeing as the release date is so close.

As a special treat, there's also a new live action trialer for Siege featuring one of the coolest guys around - Idris Elba. Honestly we're not sure what's going on in these promos at all, but he sure does look good in a long coat.

Yea, we really don't think that hostage made it...

The Rainbow Six Siege open beta runs from the 25th to the 29th of November 2015. The full game is out on PS4, Xbox One and PC on the 1st of December 2015.

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