Randy Pitchford gives Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel His Seal of Approval


Randy Pitchford gives Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel His Seal of Approval
Just to allay any lingering doubts

In the video below Gearbox Software president, Randy Pitchford and 2K Australia GM, Tony Lawrence, do their best to assure you that 2014’s new Borderlands title is not (just) a greedy cash grab but a worthy canonical addition in terms of narrative and gameplay.

Sounds like a stretch, on paper, I’ll grant you. But here are just a few reasons to get very, very excited for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.

1. Handsome Jack (arguably the greatest Borderlands character in a sea of great Borderlands characters) is back

2. Low Gravity levels leads to High Entertainment levels like using your oxygen tank as a jet-pack, performing ground-pounds or executing moon-jumps.

3. Particle beam weapons and Cryogenic rounds (aka Lasers and Ice Bullets!)

4. Claptrap as a playable character

5. Athena’s buckler shield looks like a completely new and fresh special ability

6. Gearbox Software at the very least, appear to be heavily involved in every process, from design to plot to gameplay.

And finally,

7. It’s exclusively current gen…. Sounds like an unusual reason to get pumped for an incoming title but bear with me. By wholesale ignoring the PS4 and Xbox One, by focusing on the engine, the very groundwork Gearbox perfected on Borderlands 2, 2K Australia can focus on expanding and evolving the template, as opposed to building a new game from the ground up. If you need further convincing… Dark Souls II was exclusively current gen.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel is coming to Xbox 360, PS3 and PC in Fall 2014


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