Raspberry Pi Zero already sold out


Raspberry Pi Zero already sold out

We only just finished writing about the Raspberry Pi Zero, the world's smallest computer which launched yesterday, and it's already sold out.

20,000 units were made available on the first day, and they've been scooped up by customers already. That's not too surprising, given that the computer costs just €5 and comes with everything you need to get started including a processor, micro USB ports and a mini HDMI port. The company was also giving away the entire thing for free on the front of their MagPi magazine, and nearly every copy of that is gone as well.

Founder Eben Upton has noted that these sales are great news and that more units are currently being made, but also pointed to the fact that some people are selling the magazine and the tiny computers for a huge markup on Ebay. He wanted to encourage customers to wait on new stock, rather than spending extra money online. After all, the entire point of the Pi Zero was to make a computer which anyone could afford, and to keep those costs down for all manner of uses.

If you were planning to pick one up, there should be new stock soon and make sure that you have the required extra cabling to make it work - for example you won't natively be able to plug in a mouse or keyboard without an adaptor. We can't wait to see what clever people manage to do with these sub-credit card sized machines.

Get more info on the Pi Zero here.

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