Rayman creator plays Rayman 1 for 20th anniversary!


Rayman creator plays Rayman 1 for 20th anniversary!

Rayman is 20 years old this year. Coming from someone who remembers the first outing of the armless wonder back in 1995, that's a bit alarming.

Two decades on and he's become a bit of an instution, spawning multiple games of his own and helping to birth the incredible weirdness of the Rabbids. More recently Mr. Man has taken back his crown with starring roles in Origins and Legends, two of the best platformers of the last few years.

To celebrate the anniversary of Rayman, original game creator Michel Ancel (who also made the wonderful Beyond Good and Evil) is sitting down to play the first game in the series live on Twitch.

It's going to be on the Ubi Twitch channel from 4pm on the 17th of November, so that's very soon indeed.

During the stream users will be able to ask Ancel questions, and we're very much hoping that most of them have to do with exactly when we're getting more Beyond Good and Evil!?

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