Reach for the Skyrim!


Reach for the Skyrim!
Elder Scrolls V detailed.
According to a preview by Game Informer, the upcoming sequel to Oblivion will feature RPG stables which enamoured fans to developer Bethseda via titles such as Fallout 3, New Vegas and Oblivion itself. Quirky Perks are back and ready to be selected with each level gained. Similarly those dastardly enemies grow steadily more menacing in line with the protagonist so reducing marauders to ash remains persistently challenging. There are now a blistering 10 races of creature to choose from, with mention of something called a ‘Dragonborn’ and model design gets as detailed as customizing the limbs of your avatar. How about a tail? With spikes? That shoots rockets? Poison rockets?! Sounds like a plan to us. Finally, Skills are back but the sheer number has been reduced from 21 to a significantly more manageable 18… It wouldn’t be much of a sequel without new mechanics and come November, players should expect to dual-wield certain weapons as well as deliver unspecified finishing moves upon those foolish enough to get all up in your grill. Oh, and then there’s the small issue of enormous, fire belching Dragons which sporadically attack the five substantial cities that constitute the world map. Surely you’re not going to stand for that?! The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is released on the 11th of November 2011, and although you may not know this yet, you cant wait!

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