Real Names Supported by PS4 at Launch


Real Names Supported by PS4 at Launch
Gamers can choose whether to display PSN ID or Real Name ID...

When the PlayStation 4 launches next month, players will have the choice of being able to select their real name or their PSN ID for use on their profiles. If that sounds a little bit unncessary, we're inclined to agree with you, but Sony believes it'll play a big part in encouraging players to be more social with each other.

If you're not that comfortable with playing online using your real name, you'll be able to stick to the tried and tested PSN ID system instead, with users even able to swtich between the two as they go.

This isn't something that just Sony has shown an interest in - Microsoft has already said that it's a feature they'll be patching into the Xbox One at some stage post launch - but is this just another case of big brother pushing things a little further? It's difficult enough to manage your online footprint these days without having your gaming using your real name too...

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