Red Dead Redemption coming to Xbox One


Red Dead Redemption coming to Xbox One

Red Dead Redemption might be almost six years old but that doesn't mean it's lost any of its charm as one of the best Western games ever made. We may not be getting a sequel any time soon (or ever) but it does sound like you'll be able to play it on current gen systems in the not so distant future.

Red Dead was available to play via backwards compatability over the weekend for a brief time, with some users who had a copy off the game on Xbox 360 managing to nab the game before it was taken down. This was part of a bunch of titles that we released in error, including Alan Wake's American Nightmare, Left 4 Dead 2 and Halo Wars.

Microsoft responded about the leak, saying some test titles were made available by accident.

Major Nelson also confirmed that users who did download the games while they were available won't suffer any punishment - the mistake is on MS's part and involves people using legitimate copies to access the games. And who knows, it might even have been leaked on purpose to find out how interested players would be in these titles.

There's no official word on these games yet but expect news soon.

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