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With big, yet somewhat flawed, shoes to fill as the follow up to the underrated Red Faction: Guerrilla from 2009, Armageddon was always going to be a title worth keeping an eye on. Unfortunately it just comes up a little short, but it does present an enjoyable gaming experience.
Volition, Inc
Release Date:
XBox 360, PS3, PC
Third-Person Shooter
Age Rating:
Just like Guerrilla, the action in Armageddon takes place in the third person perspective with a strong focus on destruction of… well… everything. If you like to blow things up, or otherwise smash things into itty bitty pieces then you’re going to get some serious kicks out of this game. While it feels a little clunky in comparison to some of the better offerings in the genre, there can be absolutely no denying that Armageddon is among the most satisfying experiences of the year in short, explosion filled bursts.

The player takes the role of Darius Mason, the grandson of the last game’s protagonist Alec Mason, as he steps into a familiar quest to become the saviour of the settlers on the red planet from the dual dangers of the Marauders and a race of deadly Martian creatures that had lain dormant for centuries. The game is fairly run of the mill third person fodder, albeit with some particularly devastating (and fun) weaponry.

The sandbox feel of the previous games has been replaced with a much more linear approach to enable Volition to focus on the storyline a little more this time round, and it works quite well. The narrative might not be Oscar winning stuff but it should certainly be enough to keep you gripped for seven or eight hours. The increased use of vehicles this time around is a nice touch too, but unless you’re really stuck for a third person shooter there’s not really much you haven’t seen before. It’s a well made game, there can be no doubt about that, but it just doesn’t have much about it to allow it to stand out as being in any way remarkable.

6 Stars
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