Remember Me Chaps Announce New Game - Life is Strange


Remember Me Chaps Announce New Game - Life is Strange

It's with more than a hint of irony that I note that practically no one remembers DONTNOD's first game. It was called Remember Me...

Remember Me was a pretty strange platforming/action title with a neo-Paris future world and some very repetitive bashing. For their second game, French studio DONTNOD are set on a more story-driven experience about a two teenage girls who investigate the disappearance of their friend in a small Oregon town.

Naturally, there's a twist. This time we find out that our lead character Max (who is a girl) has the ability to CONTROL THE FLOW OF TIME! So you'll go back and forth to fiddle with the narrative. Hopefully in ways with a bit more variation than the mini games in Remember Me.

Apparently its all being crafted with a unique stylised look and everyone is super excited about it becoming a real thing. Check out the screens here. One of them is clearly concept art, one of them looks like something from Fahrenheit and the last is, admittedly, kind of pretty.

There's no release date yet for Life is Strange but its playable at Gamescon this week so expect previews soon and a likely 2015 release date.

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