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Review - Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff
About as blatant a clone as you'll ever see, but is it worth playing?
Fox Digital Entertainment
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iOS, Android
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With the huge success of The Simpsons: Tapped Out, it was always likely that Fox Digital Entertainment would opt to try it all over again with another of its animated franchises. This time around it’s Family Guy that gets the mobile game treatment, and based on past form, it’s almost guaranteed to be another massive hit, but is it actually worth your while checking it out, particularly if you’re still enjoying Tapped Out?

Well, that really depends on just how much you liked Tapped Out, because this is, for all intents and purposes, the exact same game. Almost everything is identical from the premise to the way the various missions and objectives are structured, right the way through to the gentle nudges to get you to spend your real-world money on in-game currency that’ll allow you to speed up your progress and access new buildings and characters.

Although the similarities are endless here, there are also some differences and not all of them positive. In terms of functionality, the main change is that, since the game doesn’t have Electronic Arts’ involvement this time around, you’re not going to need to set up or log into an Origin account in order to get the most out of your gameplay experience. Whether that’s a positive or a negative will very much depend on how many friends you’ve got on your Origins list – for us, the less logins and signups the better, though.

Should you want to add friends to the game, you’ll simply need to connect the game to your Facebook account once, and from there you’ll be able to send invitations, visit your friends’ Quahogs and be one of “those people” whose feed is full of in-game updates and requests (although we fully recommend you avoid giving the game posting permissions on your timeline, just for the sake of your friends).

The game’s story is almost an identical copy of the one found in Tapped Out – the city is destroyed after an epic fight between Peter and Ernie the Giant Chicken and you’re tasked with guiding Peter through the rebuilding process, one home or business at a time. Where Tapped Out managed to properly convey the typical Simpsons charm, The Quest for Stuff falls down a little in that respect. I’m a big Family Guy fan, but the dialogue here really doesn’t stand up to the quality of writing found in Tapped Out, in fact, it’s often surprisingly poor given the fact that some of the show’s writers are claimed to have been involved in creating original material for the game.

Overall, The Quest for Stuff is, almost pixel for pixel, a direct copy of Tapped Out, albeit without the same quality of writing and audio, and its quests are found to be a little lacking at times, with few of the iconic references littered throughout The Simpsons’ offering. For fans of Family Guy, it’ll definitely be worth a look, but despite the similarities it manages to lack the immediacy and entertainment factor Tapped Out had in such abundance.

6 Stars
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