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Review - inFAMOUS: First Light
With this year's inFAMOUS: Second Son still one of the PS4's standout titles, developer Sucker Punch Productions has released a brand new standalone expansion, this time focusing on the events of Fetch's life before the events of the main game.
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inFAMOUS: Second Son became an instant favourite when it launched on PlayStation in February of this year, thanks to engaging gameplay, a huge map and plenty of variety in terms of hero Deslin’s super powers.

In a bid to capitalize on the success of that title, developer Sucker Punch has released a standalone expansion, First Light, which focuses on the enigmatic Fetch, an previously unplayable character.

When we met Fetch in Second Son she was taking down drug dealers as revenge for the death of her brother, and it was a well-crafted back-story for one of the more interesting characters in the game.

In fact, if we were to have a gripe with Second Son, it’s that Deslin was a poor lead. He lacked any real personality, and felt too bland to do his powers justice. In First Light, which takes place beforeSecond Son, Deslin is nowhere to be found, and instead we’re treated to flashbacks of Fetch’s earlier days, as well as “present day” (read: before Second Son) sections featuring chief antagonist Constantine.

The gameplay here is mostly unchanged, with Fetch boasting the sameskillset as she has in the original, albeit with a few minor additions like melee finishers and speed boosts. While it all works very well, there’s a definite feeling of things being peeled back throughout; with Deslin we had thechance to explore multiple powers, but with just Fetch’s on offer there, gameplay feels limited.

As the flashback element of the story progresses you’ll get to enjoy the same open world mechanics that enthralled gamers first time around, while the modern day sections are essentially comprised of a series of challenge maps which aren’t particularly interesting.

First Light is a good addition to Second Son with 4-6 hours of new content on offer, but it’s by no means a must-have due to the stripped back gameplay of only having a single power to harness.

Fans of the original will definitely want to check it out though, as any excuse to jump back into that beautifully crafted game world is fine by me.

7 Stars
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