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Vita/PS3 brawler is fun but limited
Sony Computer Entertainment
Clever Beans
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PS3, PS Vita
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The debut title of newly formed Clever Beans (comprised chiefly of the team of Martin Turton and Andrew Newton), When Vikings Attack asks that age old question – what would happen if a bunch of Vikings showed up 1200 years late to wreak havoc in your small town?!

Well you wouldn’t put up with it, would you? And these locals feel just the same way, getting a good old mob together to take these warrior curs on. In this case by forming up and throwing as many random objects as possible at massed ranks of Vikings until they crumble.

Bollards, signs, phone booths and even cars can be hurled – as well as special items which explode or turn the enemy to your side. With co-operative and competitive levels on offer, you’ll motor through the levels, taking on new friendly units which bolster certain stats and trying to ensure you have enough characters left to proceed to the next checkpoint.

The gameplay is simple – use the thumb stick to control your horde and fling and doge with the face buttons, while weaving around to avoid the attacks of other players, either computer controlled or up to three human antagonists. Tactics play a part, items can be caught mid air by the skilled and a smaller group is much more nimble but can’t throw larger objects and stands the risk of being obliterated by a single attack.

There’s a telling moment which happens about an hour into your play time with When Vikings Attack, when you head into another cheery but simple arena and line up your heroes with the next thing to fling, and that’s familiarity. Or maybe fatigue. Let’s just come right out and call it boredom.

Once you’ve gotten through the first few levels of When Vikings Attack you have literally seen everything the game has to offer. The cosmetic vary a little but otherwise every single encounter proceeds like the one before.

Naturally things are a little better in multiplayer, with a real sense of chaos as projectiles fly across the screen. PSN games are simple fun and the game thrives in local competitive or collaborative play. The cross-play functionality is also something we want to see more of – essentially allowing you to use your Vita to play the game with other on PS3. That’s enhanced by cross-buy, which nets you the game on both systems for one price and you’ll even find save games transfer.

These added extras will enhance your enjoyment of the game and playing with others will provide a little more longevity but the replayability here reflects the budget price. In short, there’s fun to be had with When Vikings Attack – just don’t expect to be playing it a few months from now.

When Vikings Attack is available on PSVita and PS3 now from €9.99/$9.99/£7.99.

5 Stars
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