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Namco Bandai
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It may have been quite a while since Ridge Racer was considered to be a particularly relevant series by gamers, in fact you have to go back about ten years to find the last one that generated any real buzz around it, Namco Bandai have always had a knack for churning out enjoyable racers with each passing instalment in the series.

A continuing gripe with Ridge Racer titles has almost always been the fact that the games never feature anything close to enough tracks, or variety thereof. The same is unfortunately true of its 3DS debut. However the time between loading it up for the first time and realising you’re bored for lack of new courses to pit your wits against is certainly enjoyable.

As is always the case, the game is very much about breakneck speed, toe tapping backing music and ridiculous power-slide based race mechanics. The Grand Prix mode will keep you entertained for quite a while, but when it’s done there’s not much to bring you back – a real pity given the initial fun on offer.

If you’re looking for a title to really show off the 3D then you could certainly do a lot worse. Despite the somewhat poor graphics when played in 2D, once you flick that 3D slider up to maximum your senses will be assaulted with an early glimpse of the promise the 3DS undoubtedly holds.

6 Stars
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