Riot Games Announces Latest League of Legends Champion


Riot Games Announces Latest League of Legends Champion
Braum will be the game's first "true tank support" champion...

Riot Games, the developer behind the ludicrously popular League of Legends, has announced a brand new champion for the game. Braum will be the games first true tank support character according to the developer, and he was introduced to the world courtesy of an official announcement on the studio's website...

The frozen peaks of the Freljord have for centuries punished the weak. But as these feared glacial lands host the graves of the frail, for the mighty, the land is a cradle, a place that elevates mere strongmen into true champions. Braum’s story started here, and as his strength and fortitude grew, so too did his legend. Today, his feats inspire all from the poorest of peasants to the fiercest of raiders. And as he prepares to bear his shield into battle once again, he goes knowing he carries the hopes and adoration of the Freljord’s people with him.

As with all champions, we designed Braum to fill a specific gap in the League of Legends champion pool. Specifically, he's the first true tank support that we've created, a champion who takes the hits for their team. Braum's something different: he's a tanky support who literally takes the hits for his team, and as such requires a new mindset, position and playstyle to most conventional supports.

The character's abilities include Winter's Bite, where he shoots ice in a straight line from his shield for magic damage, which also slows down opponents, Stand Behind Me where he strategically positions himself between a teammate under attack and the attacker, Unbreakable which allows him to intercept projectiles and absorb first attacks and Glacial Fissure where he attacks enemies with a long-range icy skillshot.

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