Saints Row IV: Hail to the Chief!


Saints Row IV: Hail to the Chief!
Check out Hail to the Chief trailer #2
In honor of the President of Saints Row IV, Deep Silver declares this to be the Hail to the Chief week!

Anything is possible in the gigantic open world of virtual Steelport, including superpowers, a host of incredible vehicles and an arsenal of out of this world weapons. Enjoy the unlimited executive powers of the Presidency and show your citizens what a true leader of The Saints is able to do.

This Hail to the Chief series of videos will shock and awe at the same time. The second Hail to The Chief video shows the President enacting the Animal Protection Act with the Stomp superpower - in a gigantic game of cat and mouse!

Saints Row IV launches August 20th, 2013 in North America for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

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