Santa Monica Studio teasing something new


Santa Monica Studio teasing something new

The PlayStation Experience is back for 2015, bringing a weekend of gaming goodness to San Francisco from the 5th of December 2015.

You can bet on all the major developers and titles to be there and you'll be able to get hands on with released and upcoming games like Heavy Rain, The Tomorrow Children, Far Cry Primal, Firewatch, Night in the Woods, Just Cause 3, Street Fighter V, Black Ops III, Gravity Rush Remastered and whole lot more - check out the list here.

It's not surprising to hear that Sony's Santa Monica Studio will also be there, as they have a couple of games due in 2016 but it seems they will also be bringing a surprise to the show. The company hsa been doing some social media teasing, and it's all very mysterious altogether.

This let people on a path around Neogaf, Tumblr, Reddit and more for some fragments of images that don't make a lot of sense. Is someone tripping? Maybe they're dancing? Who has legs that slender?! Someone put a GIF together of everything revealed so far.

We're going to go with dancing so, a person with shiny legs is doing some dancing. That's not a lot to go on, but it definitely doesn't fit into anything we've heard about from Santa Monica. They're supposed to be starting work on another God of War game but Kratos isn't known for his mincing. That said, the studio has a history of collaborating on plenty of indie titles, so it could be just about anything.

Expect more news on Santa Monica Studios latest title at the PlayStation Experience this weekend.

Santa Monica Studio teasing something new on
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