Scuf Announces 4PS PlayStation 4 Controller


Scuf Announces 4PS PlayStation 4 Controller
Competitive-focused customizable controller to launch in June...

If you're still struggling to get to grips with Sony's first party DualShock 4 controller (although we're not sure why you would be, it's a wonderfully comfortable piece of kit), then you'll probably be happy to learn that Scuf is bringing its first third party controller to market for the console next month.

Scuf, already an established name in the competitive console gaming scene thanks to its elegant and highly functional third party controllers on previous generation hardware, will offer an all-in-one solution for PlayStation 4 owners, allowing them to customize a number of key features of the controller.

Among the customizations on offer, players will be able to adjust the height of their thumb sticks, as well as whether they're concave or convex in surface orientation. Given the fact that many games have found the DualShock 4's thumbsticks to be less than reliable, with many reports of worn rubber emerging soon after the console's launch in November, this is likely to be news that's welcomed by the gaming community.

As is par for the course with Scuf, the 4PS will be available in a range of colours. It's set to launch in June, but no pricing or territorial availability information has been released yet. You can take a look at the controller and some more of its functionality in the company's promo video, which was released yesterday, below.

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