See How They Made The Stunning Animation in The Order: 1886


See How They Made The Stunning Animation in The Order: 1886

I still don't really get why people are so down on The Order 1886. It's got an amazingly well-crafted world, an enjoyable story with good writing and some fun characters. Oh and its probably the most stunning thing ever made for a PS4.

So while we wait for the sales to trickle in and hope for a sequel with a touch more vigour and gameplay, it's time to take a look behind the scenes at what it took to actually bring those visuals to life. Senior Animator Jason Shum and eady at Dawn has released a couple of videos which show some work in progress animaton and how it translated to the final game. That includes data from motion capture sessions (some dudes got to be werewolves!) and detailed keyframe animation to ensure the interaction between various characters was spot on.

Check out the two videos here.

I like the references video most of all, where a few guys in a car park act out an epic human-lychan fight. I bet their neighbours thought they were totally insane. And hey, you can totally email Jason if you want to tell him how great his characters look!

Right now, I'd be willing to bet that there will be a sequel to The Order, eventually. The game reached number one on its release week in a number of territories and user reviews were generally far more positive. With a slightly lower price point, sales should continue fairly steadily, especially if Ready at Dawn can put some plans in place for DLC which addresses the concerns of the players so far - mostly the short length and some dissatisfaction about where the story ended up.

The Order 1886 is exclusively on PS4 now.

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