See lost Call of Duty game from Roman Times


See lost Call of Duty game from Roman Times

The Call of Duty series has been increasingly looking to the future in recent years, but the opposite might have been the case. Back in 2009, publishers Activision were looking for pitches for a new entry in the franchise, And a developer called Vicarious Visions decided to give it a go.

The results were pretty unusual, seeing players heading back to Roman times as part of the Caesar's Tenth Legion. That's about as far away from where the series has gone as it's possible to get, and you can see some of the pitch material in a new video from Gamesradar.

Even in this test, the gameplay looks ambitious and interesting, and it's pretty clear that some of the inspiration for Ryse Son of Rome might have come out of this prototype. It's also just really different to what we've come to expect from Call of Duty, which might have been a good thing as the franchise is getting more than a little stagnant.

We'll have to just wonder how things might have been, and there's more information in an investigation by Gamesradar, including interviews with some of the dev team.

See lost Call of Duty game from Roman Times on
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