Sega Pays out $1.25 Million in Law Suit Against Aliens: Colonial Marines


Sega Pays out $1.25 Million in Law Suit Against Aliens: Colonial Marines

Aliens: Colonial Marines was a bit crap. Basically the 2013 game promised to be a canon continuation of the world created principally by James Cameron in the 1986 movie Aliens and instead ended up being a genericshooter with unspectacular graphics and little to set it apart from the crowd.

Bugs aplenty and a disappointing story only added to the issues, especially as comparisons between earlier footage and the final product revealed that the graphics were actually far less detailed in the retail release. This all came about thanks to a protracted development cycle and some apparent mismanagement by developers Gearbox.

We may never know the actual truth of the matter but the critics were harsh and gamers weren't best pleased either. So much so that one bloke, John Locke [not the 17th century philosopher. Or the guy from Lost] took Sega and Gearbox to court for false advertising.

A complicated court battle has ensued, with Gearbox recently filing a request to have all charges against them dropped - basically saying that they weren't in charge of how the game was marketed to the public.

As for Sega, it's been revealed that they will pay out $1.25 million to settle the case, but they won't accept any of the blame for what happened with the game. A staggering $512,500 of the settlement will now go on legal and administration fees, with $2,500 earmarked for the plaintiff Locke.

That leaves $735,000 which will be distributed among those who bought the game and filled in a form saying they thought it was a heap of shite. If you filled in the form before the 13th of Feb and there's still cash left you'll get up to the value of the game back.

It's all a massive mess, though Sega are out of the picture now. That leaves Gearbox and the possibility of another court case against them, even though they're trying to sidestep the responsiblity of shipping a shoddy game.

Let's hope things go better for Alien: Isolation, planned for release in October 2014.

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