Sega shows solidarity with Sonic's Kin


Sega shows solidarity with Sonic's Kin
The creative team behind Sonic combined with the People's trust for endangered Species to create a road crossing for hedhogs in Twickenham, England. Incidently this event co-incides with the launch of the Wii's Sonic Colours, read into that as cynically as you wish, but according to Sega's Anna Downing, 'Hedgehogs are an intrinsic part of British wildlife and with Sonic the Hedgehog such an institution we thought he was the perfect figure to raise awareness of their plight.' According to PTES figures, Britan's hedgehog population has declines by 300,000 in the past ten years. And with in excess of 50,000 of the spikey hogs being killed on roads alone annually, there is a distinct possibility the the native population could disappear completely within a few years.

Sega shows solidarity with Sonic's Kin on
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