SEGA wants to release Shenmue 1 in HD


SEGA wants to release Shenmue 1 in HD

Shenmue 3 is actually happening, with a massive Kickstarter campaign last week and a planned release in 2017.

While expectations mount for that title, now would be the perfect time for SEGA to re-release the first and second games in HD for fans and newcomers alike to enjoy. They're two of the best games ever made, and there's a lot of money to be made into the bargain.

It turns out copyright owners SEGA would be only too happy to bring these games back. It's not quite that simple though, and here's more from company man Dan Sheridan. Shenmue chat starts at 1.55.

It's interesting to hear a relatively honest answer - these are very complex games and a cruddy re-release would do nothing to help the brand, not to mention annoying fans. We're going to go ahead and assume that plans are already in the works to actually make this happen, it would be kind of insane not to, provided the work was possible on a reasonable time frame.

Speaking of time frames, the Shenmue 3 date from the Kickstarter was originally said to be December 2017. Given the relative lack of material since then and the general pattern with crowdfunding that already feels very optimistic. Which just gives SEGA more time to give us Shenmue 1!

SEGA wants to release Shenmue 1 in HD on
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