Setting up the PlayStation VR


Setting up the PlayStation VR

The Sony PlayStation VR is out now around the world, bringing virtual reality experiences to millions of PS4 owners.

I’ve been going hands on with the unit for a while now and we’ll have a full review soon but first I wanted to take a look at the process of actually getting the system up and running.

The PSVR comes in a pretty large box, given that it has to contain the headset as well as a bunch of cables, the processor unit and the extra couple of motion controllers and new PlayStation Camera.

Here’s all the good stuff inside.

There’s a large manual in the box which leads you in simple steps through the process of getting everything ready to go. The main cable are all numbered and it’s just a case of following everything step by step.

A word of warning- there are a lot of cables involved and you should probably take a few minutes to figure out how this new box is going to fit into your overall setup, taking into account that the camera has to be able to fully view you both standing and sitting.

Forget about the motion controllers and camera for the moment though as its time to get those cables out of the way. The main work goes into making sure that the HDMI cables are plugged into the processing unit correctly - one going back to the PS4 and the other out to your TV.

The PS VR uses up one of the USB ports on the front of your PS4, which means that there will only be one available for the motion controllers at a time. The PSVR also needs its own power and has a pretty long cable so it should be easy enough to get the sorted.

Going through the process as quickly as possible, without any consideration for how it was going to look, took about 25 minutes. This includes making sure all of the materials are in place and right up to actually putting on the headset.

That’s a nice short window of time which won’t frustrate users. In terms of the amount of space used, so long as you can stand and move your arms in all directions (including up and down) you should be fine. A seated position in range is actually preferable for a lot of games.

One thing I did notice was that the placement of the Camera is very important. You should try to have it as close to the centre of your TV as possible, or at least as straight on to where you’ll be using the PS VR as you can. Some games, shooting titles in particular, can end up at odd angles if you’re not careful with this element.

Overall setting up this new system is a relatively easy process, helped by an extremely simple manual which is included as well as on screen prompts. Better still, you’ll know immediately if you’ve done something wrong thanks to the numbered items in the manual and the fact that it just won’t work with the wrong cable in the wrong place!

Check back soon for more on the PlayStation VR.

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