Shadow of Mordor Old Gen Release Looks Truly Terrible


Shadow of Mordor Old Gen Release Looks Truly Terrible

Shadow of Mordorhas already earned its place as one of our favourite games of 2014 for its deliriously enjoyable, head-hacking gameplay and the dangerous delights of the Nemesis system. But older gen players seem to be having a bit of a bothersome time.

The game released on PS3 and Xbox 360 more than a month after it debuted on PS4, Xbox One and PC - and developers Monolith had been fairly open about admitting that the games wouldn't be comparable in terms of depth. They also pointed out that the limitations of the older hardware simply wouldn't be able to bring the same dynamism to the Nemesis system.

But it seems things are much worse than that.

Early players had plenty to say - including bemoaning muddy textures and jerky animation not befitting a 2014 release. There were also reports of serious screen tearing and - after a certain amount of play - sound going out of sync with gameplay. The whole thing sounds like a totally unstable mess, with Monolith quickly suggesting that a patch was on the way but otherwise remaining more or less silent on the matter.

You can get a look at some of these issues in this gameplay video from Game Check.

Just look at those load times between the menu and the game, and the graphics are so dark. And good lord what happened to the detailed textures on the Orc enemies? Why do the walls look like something from 1998!?

It's pretty clear that Monolith didn't have the resources to develop different versions of the game for both generations and instead had to settle for ripping as much as they could out of the new gen title to make it run on the older generation. What you're left with is a bastardisation of what is, by rights, a terrific game. We can't imagine a few patches are going to be able to fix this unholy mess.

Our advice, steer clear and revisit the definite version on Xbox One, PS4 or PC when you can.

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