Sheik Confirmed For Hyrule Warriors


Sheik Confirmed For Hyrule Warriors
Massive Roster gets Massiver

The more characters Nintendo throw at Hyrule Warriors, Team Ninja’s Zelda themed Musou project, the less I trust it. It’s not that the style doesn’t have its apologists, stating that when treated as a point tally rather than Hack/Slash, the genre really shines. But as a rule, Dynasty Warriors and its ilk rarely make it into the upper echelon of critical scoring.

Primarily because there’s no difficulty. While the thrill of being a lone badass wiping out opponents in their droves is potent, nay unmatched outside the Musou style, it wanes quickly enough as you realize no-one attacks you basically ever.

With a thrilling defensive game marrying those spectacular combos trailered below, I’d be so tempted by Hyrule Warriors I’d considering shelling out for a Wii U right now. But considering the enemy’s motto is “Don’t block him with your shield! Use your pudgy, yielding flesh instead, much more effective!” I think I’ll wait to see if this ambitious entry can break that 7/10 barrier.

Hyrule Warriors launches for Wii U on September 19th 2014.

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