Shenmue HD Might Actually Happen... But It's Not a Game


Shenmue HD Might Actually Happen... But It's Not a Game

We've previously talked about a fan project by a Korean artist called NoconKid who was working on creating a HD version of classic title Shemnue. And it's still progressing.

This is far from being an official HD reissue, with NoconKid openly admitting that he's just a graphical artist and the world he's building is nothing more than a facade, but its certainly a very pretty one. The whole project is being crafted from the ground up in Unreal Engine and is designed as an environment which can be flown through using a mouse and keyboard or gamepad.

There will be cherry blossoms.

There's currently nothing interactive about this world, with a team of developers needed to put in that very significant extra detail and its not even clear just how you place the Ryo avatar in this world but the work that's already been done is significant and visually stunning. Is there any chance that this could actually get Sega to sit up and take notice of this franchise again?

Maybe not, but I for one would love to wander the rain-slick streets ofYokosukaon last time...

Keep up to date with new videos from Kid Nocon here.

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