Shoot Pirate Canons to the Beat of Tachaikovsky's Overture 1812 In Borderlands


Shoot Pirate Canons to the Beat of Tachaikovsky's Overture 1812 In Borderlands

If you were wondering just how sodding mental mental it will be to play as Claptrap in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel on October 17th, this fresh PAX 2014 gameplay footage (courtesy of Gamespot) should get you up to speed.

Expectedly, Claptrap is as eccentric to play with as he is to listen to, with myriad ancillary status buffs and residual detonations peppering the screen seemingly at random (thought definitely not at random…).

Claptrap boasts a Second Wind skill which sends out a mini-minion to score you a life-saving kill, while throwing up for palm for a high five will (depending on whether or not you’re left hanging) buff you accordingly. But front and centre at this madness menagerie is vaulthunter.exe which manifests anyone of a dozen vault hunter skills including, but not limited to a ‘grenade party, a bouncing, butt-stomping rubber ducky and a quartet of pirate canons that burn the powder charges in time to the article’s titular overture. And the best thing, vaulthunter.exe will generate your action skill not at random but depending on the tactic the situation demands.

This could get real messy, real fast…

Shoot Pirate Canons to the Beat of Tachaikovsky`s Overture 1812 In Borderlands on
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