Skyrim DLC Dragonborn Hits Xbox Tomorrow!


Skyrim DLC Dragonborn Hits Xbox Tomorrow!
PC and PS3 owners will have to wait though...
Christmas is coming early for Skyrim fans, but only if you play it on Xbox. Bethesda’s latest DLC for Skyrim, Dragonborn, will hit the Xbox Marketplace tomorrow for all the eager fans to download. Bethesda is also happy to announce that Dragonborn will be available for download on the PC and PS3 early next year.

Dragonborn will see players being able to travel to a new location known as Solstheim, located east of Skyrim. It has been said to rival The Reach in terms of size and has its own separate map. According to a beta tester, the main quest of Dragonborn lasts anywhere between 10-30 hours. Players will have access to new weapons and armour sets such as the Chitin armour, new shouts with one of them allowing the player to ride a dragon, and new spells and creatures like the Werebear and the Lurker, which is said to be a challenging enemy and is about the size of the giants.

Bethesda thanked their fans for all the support they have shown over the past year on their blog. "The support from Skyrim fans over the last year has been amazing, and it's driven us to support Skyrim more than any game we've ever released - including free content updates, modding tools like the Creation Kit and the Skyrim Workshop, and our add-ons, 'Dawnguard' and 'Hearthfire'," it said.

"And we're still not done - we look forward to sharing more Skyrim news next year!"

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