Skyrim Remaster official - and you could get it free!


Skyrim Remaster official - and you could get it free!

Gamers of a certain age will probably remember 11.11.11 - for that was when Skyrim was born, and when RPGs got even bigger.

And now somehow it is almost five years later and we've seen even more amazing things happen in the genre, with the release of Bethesda's own Fallout 4 and the rather spiffy The Witcher 3.

But that doesn't mean its time to forget about Skyrim, as Bethesda has just confirmed a Special Edition of the classic title.

We've been hearing rumours of this release for awhile and in a round up video we get to see the game in action. The footage starts at 3.00 in but there's some good stuff for Fallout and Fallout Shelter ahead of it.

It's not surprising that a five year old game can be made prettier with new tech, and we've already seen some amazing things done with Skyrim via mods, but still it's good to see Bethesda taking the time to introduce the Elder Scrolls to a newer audience. Maybe this is a precursor to announcing an all new title in the series.

There's more good news too as you might be able to get this Special Edition for free. If you own all the DLC for the original game or have the Legendary Edition, you'll automatically get an upgrade.

As the tweet says, this very neat stuff will be happening in October, 2016.

Skyrim Remaster official - and you could get it free! on
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