Smash Bros 3DS glitch is banning players for 136 years


Smash Bros 3DS glitch is banning players for 136 years

Some Smash Bros 3DS players are experiencing an online glitch that results in them receiving a message that they have been temporarily suspended…for 136 years.

The message tells players that can rejoin online games in a little over 71 million minutes. A programmer on Reddit maintains that these bans are not actual punishments by Nintendo but the result of a bug in the programming.

Reddit user rstevoa explains that the default ban is set to -1 seconds and the code checks to see if time has been added to this; if not, the ban time resets to zero. However, there may be instances where this check is not performed and a ban time of -1 seconds is given to a player. Due to the way numbers wrap in programming, and the way numbers are processed, this -1 second ban becomes a ban of 4,294,967,295 seconds.

Until Nintendo fixes this bug, players affected will be unable to play Smash Bros 3DS online. Players are being advised to avoid behaviour that cause the glitch to occur. This includes quitting mid-match and continuously targeting a single opponent in Group or Free-For-All matches.

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