So Claptrap Has Eight Action Skills In Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel???


So Claptrap Has Eight Action Skills In Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel???

Claptrap is the poster boy for the really very extremely entertaining Borderlands IP. And rightly so.
Firstly, he’s a robot.
Secondly, he’s very funny.
But most importantly, he’s a robot.

And though we’ve known he’s making his debut as a PLAYABLE CHARACTER in the Pre-Sequel for some time, this latest trailer constitutes the first videographic evidence of that!

To say we get to see Claptrap’s enigmatic action skill is misleading… in truth (I think) we see eight of them. It’s unclear whether you can decide upon an action skill or if they generate at random (assorted gods I hope not) but so far we’ve seen…

Torque Fiesta – Launches LOTS of grenades!
Funzerker – Dual wield any two weapons!
Laser Inferno – Conjure a Disco Ball which launches laser beams!
One Shot Wonder – Does exactly what it says on the tin?
Shhhhhhhh… Trap – Conjures a dancing decoy!
Rubber Ducky – Ummm.

Later in the trailer Claptrap is seen sprouting a pair of fiery wings, not unlike Lilith in Borderlands 2 so it stands to reason her Siren/Singularity action skill will be available. And best off all, there’s footage of Claptrap materializing a sail and four heavy duty canons upon his person before letting rip and one-shotting a flying vehicle!
Coz he’s a pirate.
Sure he is.
Why not?

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel could go one of two ways… it could be a classless knock-off tide over before the third numbered instalment, see. Batman: Arkham Origins. Or it might be the gleeful tweaking of an already winning formula it so far appears to be!

We’ll all find out when it drops for PS3 and Xbox 360 on October 17th.

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