So What exactly is Current Gen Watch Dogs Lacking?


So What exactly is Current Gen Watch Dogs Lacking?
PS3/360 Gameplay looks more than acceptable.

Watch Dogs WILL look nicer on next-gen* consoles than on their current gen brethren.

[When exactly does next-gen become current-gen? When the majority start buying them? Or when actual worthwhile games are released for them?]

The PS3 and Xbox 360 will not be as aesthetically resplendent as their more advanced counterparts on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, be it in terms of pop in, lighting, resolution or even frame-rate.

But that stuff doesn’t really matter past the 15 minute point. When you get to go hands on and weapons free with a new game, one thing matters… the, uh, like, game… and stuff…

And most of the time the difference between cross-gen titles is just that, aesthetic and ultimately, unimportant. However there are some content differences between Next-gen and Current-gen versions of Watch Dogs. And you’ll want to know about them. Because they could be deal breakers.

Firstly, the multiplayer is stymied. Those PVP invasions survived the transition to PS3 and 360 intact. As did the companion app interface as far as we know. However the multiplayer free-roam and PVP capture the flag style combat matches are out. Too much, it would seem for the measly current generation processors.

Additionally there are fewer NPCs roaming the windy city streets. Not that this should shatter the immersion, but as missions and objectives are doled out by wandering citizens, will this deficit of non-playable characters decrease the content on offer? I suspect not, but I can’t rule it out.

I couldn’t give a monkey’s typewriter about presentation, but the idea of a current-gen version of Watch Dogs (AKA the version I’ll be shelling out for tomorrow afternoon) boasting less content doesn’t sit well with me. And not just because this chair has seen better days/asses.

In any case, below is some Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 gameplay to put your mind at ease. Fewer NPCs and limited multiplayer notwithstanding, it still looks pretty tasty to mine eyes. Stay tuned for our full review tomorrow.

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