Sony E3 2016 Live Stream - watch it live from 2am here


Sony E3 2016 Live Stream - watch it live from 2am here

Alrighty then, the last major conference of E3 2016 comes from Sony PlayStation and it kicks off at the rather unfortunate hour of 2am on the 14th of June, 2016 for folks in Ireland and the UK.

You can watch it live here, if you're still awake.

If you do manage to keep those eyeballs open you'll be treated to new and exclusive footage of a whole bunch of titles. Horizon Zero Dawn is guaranteed to be on hand, and the idea of stalking robotic dinosaurs in a post apocalyptic future is too delicious to pass up.

It's also likely that The Last Guardian will be trundled out yet again - it's become a pretty regular feature at the show since first being announced in 2009... it has been in active development since 2007. Quantic Dream's Detroit Become Human should also show up, and there will be plenty of razzle dazzle around the PlayStation VR.

Tune in from 2am or come back tomorrow when we'll have all the news and videos in bite size form.

Sony E3 2016 Live Stream - watch it live from 2am here on
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