Sony Tried to Get a Vita Version of Titanfall


Sony Tried to Get a Vita Version of Titanfall
Things may have been so different for Respawn shooter...

It has emerged that before Respawn Entertainment signed up with Microsoft to bring Titanfall exclusively to Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Windows platforms, the company had early discussions with Sony about releasing the game on their hardware.

In a move that has no doubt seen Sony kicking themselves several times over, the company decided not to share the hardware specs for the PlayStation 4 with Respawn, and instead suggested they work together to release a PlayStation Vita version of the game.

This latest behind the scenes information has come to light thanks to Geoff Keighly's publication Titanfall's Final Hours, where the jouranlist discloses some previously unknown information about the game's development, including some interesting notes about the ongoing legal struggles between Respawn staff and Activision, as well as the collapse of the relationship between co-founder Jason West and the rest of the staff in relation to the decision to settle on the lawsuit.

We're not quite sure how a Vita port of Titanfall would have fared given the game's high octane action, but it would nevertheless have been interesting to see. We're sure Sony doesn't plan on repeating the same mistake again when it comes time to negotiate to bring Titanfall 2 to its platforms, though.

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