Star Citizen is going to get better at info drops


Star Citizen is going to get better at info drops

Star Citizen is an absolute monster - with a crowdfunded budget currently resting somewhere south of $130 million.

Yes that figure is right, with cash directly from over 1.6 million fans who can't wait to get their hands on this deep space faring world.

But waiting is just what they have to do, and currently there's no actual pinned down release date for this gigantic gaming beast. It's been in development in some form since 2011 and while some alpha modules have been released it's not clear when the final game will be out.

Now more information is on the way, with lead fella Chris Roberts promising in a blog post that internal timetables are going to be shared from now on. That means that once an area is completed, the funders will know - and the same goes if a feature is delayed.

These updates are planned on a weekly basis, and that kind of data is just what the backers have been asking for. After so long, it's hard to see the company pinning down a real date, and the game itself is designed to grow and change constantly for years to come.

Maybe 2017? Maybe...

Star Citizen is going to get better at info drops on
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