Star Citizen planetfall gameplay looks immense- forget No Man's Sky


Star Citizen planetfall gameplay looks immense- forget No Man's Sky

It would have been impossible to predict back in 2011 just how huge Star Citizen was going to become. A tech demo was developed and it went out into the world and then the crowdfunding began initially on Kickstarter before becoming its own ongoing project.

At the time of writing, Star Citizen has earned over $119 million.

That's an insane amount of money, and it has actually had a negative impact on development, with more and more features being added and an insane number of delays. Five years after first being announced, there's still no confirmed release date and many thousands of players waiting to dive in.

Well a massive video was released at Gamescom to show off the work which has been going on, and it's looking absolutely immense.

What Man's Sky?

The level of detail here is incredible, especially in the way you interact with your ship - complete with mounting up via separate doors and heading to your console. This is set to be unique for each and every ship model, with the interior also presented in lavish detail.

You can really see where all of that cash has been spent- but we'd still like to see it all released at some stage.

Star Citizen planetfall gameplay looks immense- forget No Man`s Sky on
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