Star Citizen's first person shooter bit is called Star Marine - how original


Star Citizen's first person shooter bit is called Star Marine - how original

You may not be aware of this, but Star Citizen is a goliath in gaming.

There are lots of different reasons for that - it's from the dude who made Wing Commander and Freelancer (that's Chris Roberts) and promises two massive games to create a level of space sim detail we've never seen before.

But let's be honest, the real reason its massive is because it has been crowdfunded to the tune of $82 million. AND COUNTING!

That's just madness. But it has yeilded some interesting results, allowing the developers to use that moolah to create exravagent stretch goals and then blast straight through them. You can now buy unique and fancy ships for the game which isn't even out yet and start to our fit your virtual universe. Again, madness.

Of course you also get a game, which right now consists of two main portions. There's a first person space combat title with mining and trading and all the things you expect from the maker of Freelancer and also a branching single player and drop in co-op multiplater campagin called Squadron 42.

Complicated enough already but the first part will also contain areas where you can pop out of your ship and join first person shooting combat. Did we mention this part of the game is also in a massively multiplayer persistant world?

Anyway, the latest blog post from Roberts Space Industries (the fake company at the heart of the fictional universe being created) details this first person shooting segment and finally gives it a name - STAR MARINE.

With $80 million and change you'd think they'd be able to come up with something more original.

The idea behind Star Marine is all about the immersion of the game- the sense that you're a person flying a spaceship who sometimes has to get out and go shoot folks in the face in a personal fashion. It's supposed to be a seamless world, and the developers are working very hard to ensure that you never have a reason to stop playing their games.

An early version of the game will be coming to backers quite soon - with a zero g sport element and some shooting stuff. They're talking about some very fancy animation which will make it look and feel unique in the shooter space (which would be quite something) and there's a wealth of info in the blog post above if you want to delve into it. Here's a look at the level of detail in the character models for the moment.

This game has earned over $82 million. That's going to haunt your dreams...

Star Citizen doesn't have a firm release date but some version will be coming to PC and Linux in 2016.

Star Citizen`s first person shooter bit is called Star Marine - how original on
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