Star Wars: Battlefront Coming to E3


Star Wars: Battlefront Coming to E3
EA and D.I.C.E. to showcase long awaited follow-up in June

An entire console generation has come and gone since Star Wars: Battlefront II was launched nine years ago for the Xbox, PS2 and PC. Technically, multiplayer gaming has come a long way since 2005. Still, few would argue against the notion that in the scramble for the best online experience, much of the joy of yesteryear’s simple, local play has been lost.
And by much, I mean all.

Battlefront II has achieved something of a cult status in the interim years, not because it was technically gifted of visually resplendent. No, it just gave players lots of choice, lots to do, lots of guns, lots of iconic characters, lots of vehicles but most importantly, let them play however the hell they wanted – PVP, PVE, Local Co-Op, Online, Bots only, you name it.
Unlike the modern multiplayer, Battlefront appreciated the fact that SOMETIMES players want to play either A) by themselves or B) with the person sitting RIGHT BESIDE THEM!

There’s almost nothing known about D.I.C.E.’s Battlefront at the moment. All we know is that it’s “coming along very well” but there is “still lots of work to go” [Andrew Wilson, EA’s CEO]

Hopefully the Battlefield 4 devs can retain some of that precious accessibility that defined Battlefront for so long. But considering the restrictive online-only nature of Battlefields 3 and 4, colour me slightly concerned. Roll on June. Pew pew.

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