Star Wars Battlefront Image Leaks - You vs an AT-AT


Star Wars Battlefront Image Leaks - You vs an AT-AT

There's a lot going on in the world of Star Wars at the moment, with new information about big movie The Force Awakened expected today from a press conference with director JJ Abrams and the digital release of the entire six film saga. But there's even more than that, are you ready for Star Wars Battlefront?

This game from DICE (the makers of the Battlefield series) will put you on the ground in the middle of some of the most iconic moments in Star Wars history - or so we assume as we know very little about the game so far. That will all change with a big reveal on the 17th of April but until then we're just getting scraps from the Star Wars Celebration floor, and one of the best has just landed. Check out this massive banner for the game which was napped by a Reddit user.

There's a tiny dude and he's dwarfed by an AT-AT (remember those from the beginning of The Empire Strikes Back?!) there are X-Wings flying over and a Star Destroyer and remember there's this tiny dude at the front who could be you and you could play a part in this massive war and maybe even get to weild a lightsabre into the bargain!

There's so much potential in a title like this running on next generation technology that it's hard to contain our excitement and with a release date already in place of November/December 2015 its also likely to contain some tie in material with JJ Abrams all new The Force Awakens movie. DICE is thinking they're going to break the internet when the trailer releaes and we're betting they could be right!

Look for new information on Star Wars Battlefront on the 17th of April 2015.

Star Wars Battlefront Image Leaks - You vs an AT-AT on
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