Star Wars Battlefront release date and screenshot leak!


Star Wars Battlefront release date and screenshot leak!

It's all about Star Wars this week, with a new teaser for The Force Awakens and the upcoming official announcement stuff for video gameBattlefront set for later on today. So naturally, we've already got a leak!

Some tinkering around with the official site for Battlefront has revealed that the game will release on the 17th of November on PS4, Xbox One and PC. As well as that, the first real screenshot from the game has come forward into the light, and it shows a Stormtrooper on a speeder, likely on the world of Endor which was home to the Ewoks in Return of the Jedi. Here's the image .

Let the speculation begin but we're going to go out and say this is in game footage rather than just being a scene from a cinematic. It doesn't look pre-rendered as its not quite photo-real and developers DICE have been known to bring out amazing looking games, particularly when running on a fast computer and with some post-production tweaks. So while we're not going to say every moment of the game will look like this, it's definitely going to be beautiful.

If you want to get a look at some acutal cinematics in the game, check out this very brief teaser which showed as part of the Star Wars Celebration madness.

We can't wait to see more!

Star Wars Battlefront releases on PS4, Xbox One and PC from the 17th of November 2015.

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