Star Wars Battlefront season pass details surface


Star Wars Battlefront season pass details surface

Star Wars Battlefront will be delivering you into the fight for the galaxy far, far away very soon and you're going to have plenty of multiplayer content to keep you going for the next few months. But what then? Well EA and DICE have some big plans for DLC.

They've already come under fire for offering a Season Pass which costs the guts of 50 quid and that's still going to be a barrier of entry for some players. But now that we're hearing a little more about the content of those packs, maybe the price will start to make sense. Thankfully there's some new information out there.

Firstly it seems there will be four expansion packs spread over the next year or so, and the first will arrive in early 2016. Inside them you'll find 20 new pieces of galactic tech - so that's weapons, vehicles and those Star Cards. There will be four new heroes to fight with or against - unfortunately there's no confirmtion of who, but we're really holding out for Yoda. Natrually.

In all, 16 extra multiplayer maps will be added to the game with four new game modes. And season pass holders will get access to each expansion pack a full two early, giving them a chance to really hone their skills.

For a game with a multiplayer focus there's a wealth of content here, and that's before we get to find out any real specific details. The extra game modes are generous enough, as well as the 16 new maps, many of which will be very large indeed. The Battle of Jakku content is a DLC pack which is free to all and includes events from The Force Awakens - but it will be released after the movie to avoid spoilers.

Star Wars Battlefront is out on PS4, Xbox One and PC from the 17th of November 2015.

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