Star Wars Battlefront will be coming to EA Access users on Xbox One first


Star Wars Battlefront will be coming to EA Access users on Xbox One first

2015 is set to be a really, really big year for Star Wars fans. Not only are we getting the first major new movie in a decade and the start of a new trilogy (plus some tasty spin offs) but there's another really big treat on the way in an all new Star Wars Battlefront game.

The series kicked off in 2004 on consoles and PC and was all about letting players recreate the biggest set pieces from the Star Wars series in an interactive fashion. And it was pretty much a blast to play for anyone with even the slightest interest in the Saga. So imagine that, with next generation graphics and all the power of the developers behind the Battlefield series. Are you excited? You really should be.

The first publically released footage is on the way this week, fresh from the Star Wars celebration in California and hopefully straight to the internet after that but we're still remarkably light on actual details for the game itself. We know its coming out at the end of the year (as close as possible to the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens) and that its coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One. And now we have another small piece of information which might just make you want to buy an Xbox One -- Star Wars Battlefront will be debuting exclusively on the EA Access platform.

EA Access is a subscription service which gives you discounts and timed exlclusives on EA titles and that's just what you'll be getting for Battlefront. Typically you'll get to play the game a few days early and preload it so you're ready to game the second its officially released. This is a major deal for EA - though not at all surprising considering they own the license - and should draw more users to the Xbox One platform as the early access sounds exclusive to Microsoft's console.

Battlefront developers DICE have also been speaking about their plans to release the first footage of the game and how they're basically predicting its going to break the internet when millions of people try to access it at the same time. We can't wait.

Star Wars Battlefront is coming to Xbox One, PS4 and PC in December 2015.

Star Wars Battlefront will be coming to EA Access users on Xbox One first on
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