Stealth game Shadwen releasing May 17th


Stealth game Shadwen releasing May 17th

The Trine series is all about platforming and pretty graphics but developer Frozenbyte is trying something different for their new title.

Shadwen is all about stealth, setting up levels full of guards and giving you the power to manipulate time itself in order to avoid being seen at all.

The story is about guided a young girl to safety and she really doesn't like it when you kill folks so being one with the shadows is pretty much the aim.

It has just been announced that the game will be releasing on the 17th of May 2016 on PS4 and PC. Here's the latest trailer.

A campaign was launched a few months ago which saw players working through a demo to lower the launch price of Shadwen based on how well they performed. It was a pretty neat idea and will see the game launch at €14.55 on PC instead of €17.

Stealth game Shadwen releasing May 17th on
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