Steam sale is here- big deals on offer!


Steam sale is here- big deals on offer!

The Steam Sale is here- and there are loads of deals to be found!

So if you're a PC player it's time to pick up those titles you missed during the year, and why not grab a few golden oldies for nostalgia's sake as well.

The sale runs until the 2nd of January so there's plenty of time, and all of these offers are available for the full run, with no Flash Sale nonsense anymore. Some of the highlights on the main page right now include:

Just Cause Franchise
Civilisation Franchise
Doom Franchise

Those top favourites are the same names you've been seeing forever, including Grand Theft Auto V which has half off but is still 30 quid because Rockstar doesn't really believe in discounting something just because it's old and people will still pay full whack.

You can also get The Witcher 3 with all DLC for a smidge under 30 and this year's cracking Doom for 20 quid. Fallout 4 is under 20 and the great Deus Ex Mankind Divided is a steal at just €16.49.

The games don't have to all be shiny and new either, there's a great section dedicated to titles under a fiver which are perfect for little extra Christmas gifts. And it's good stuff too, like Portal 2, Undertale, Ground Zeroes, This War of Mine, Dishonored, Left 4 Dead, Don't Starve, To the Moon and Mark of the Ninja.

Also did you know that if you're friends with someone on Steam you can check out their Wishlist? Just go to their profile and scroll down past Recent Activity. The wishlist is there between All Recently Played and Reviews - it could be a little bigger!

Steam sale is here- big deals on offer! on
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