Steam Store Lists Steam Machines and Hardware


Steam Store Lists Steam Machines and Hardware

Steam has added a new Hardware dropdown to its store, showcasing the range of Steam Machines along with the Steam Controller and Steam Link.

All the Steam Machines are listed along with their starting price. If one takes your interest, you can visit its Store page. These Store pages give an overview of the hardware and list the machines’ specs. And if you’re sold on one, you can add it to your follow queue or your wishlist. Usually these are used to subtly hint at friends that you want a game, or so that you can see when it is available for a huge discount. It’s unlikely that Steam Machines will be included in future Steam sales.

The newly announced Steam Link is also on the store. This small piece of kit will let you connect your gaming rig to your TV on your home network. Then, you can enjoy your complete library of games, even if you’re not in the same room as your gaming setup. Video and audio data is sent from your computer and controller input is sent back in realtime. It will cost $49.99 and will be available in November.

Finally, the Steam Controller is also listed. You can see the Controller’s final form and get an idea as to how those odd looking dual trackpads will work. The Steam Controller also features HD haptic feedback, dual-stage triggers, back grip buttons, and fully-customisable control schemes. Players will be able to create their own favourite mappings, share them with the community, and download others. The Steam Controller will cost $49.99, and will also be available in November.

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