SteelSeries Flux Configurator Now Live


SteelSeries Flux Configurator Now Live
Customise your cans with the click of a button!
SteelSeries has just launched the Flux Configurator – an online headset creator that gives players the creative power to design their own unique Flux gaming headset. The easy-to-navigate Flux Configurator prompts users to choose from multiple colors, designs, materials of the ear cushions and cable connections that will build an original, personalized gaming headset. With hundreds of headset design possibilities,users can also share their custom Flux design with the SteelSeries team and friends on Facebook and Twitter.

“On a fundamental level we believe technology should enable anyone to unlock their own potential as a player, just like in gaming mice where we pioneered personalization with ExactSense, ExactLift, ExactAim and more,” said Bruce Hawver, SteelSeries CEO. “The Flux Configurator brings that type of customization to headsets, this time on a very physical level, by giving our players the opportunity to build a gaming headset that is entirely their own.”

Starting at $99.99, the SteelSeries Flux Headset is engineered for extreme durability and to be comfortable. The SteelSeries Flux may be small in stature, but the soundscape is powerful, loud, crisp and clear thanks to its 40mm premium-quality driver units. Its adjustable, FluidFIT headband and sound isolating, SNDBlock ear cushions are available in multiple colors and two materials: a breathable, mesh-cloth or a noise-reducing, leather material.

Designed for maximum portability, the Flux can fold up neatly in a couple of convenient ways. The headset can fold up towards the band. In addition, each earcup can be rotated to fold the headset flat for easy storage or to comfortably show it off around your neck. The Flux offers twointerchangeable cable options, one for PC, and one for Mac and mobile devices. With two input jacks, one on each earcup, you can choose either side for cord and microphone connection. The extra input jack can be used to share your sound, simply by plugging another headset into the Flux, so multiple users can listen to the same device.

Check out now to customize and order the SteelSeries Flux.

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