Steep: Game Review


Steep: Game Review

Steep is the newest game from Ubisoft to try and energise the extreme sports game, while it may fall short in its grander goals, it's still hits the mark for some of its smaller ones.

This is a large open world game where you can ski, snowboard, use winguits or paraglide, however it still feels like there isn’t that much to do.

Extreme sports have been rebranded of late. The advent of the red bull marketed age has changed the way they do business. It has moved off of what was once like that episode of Always Sunny In Philadelphia, where anything is possible on the mountain.

It is now the world influenced by The Art of Flight and the Gopro generation.

This a game tries to give you that all encompassing freedom that life promises in those moments and that is something which the open world tries to grant but doesn't always seem to.


The game itself does have some strong points though , for instance the controls are a nice blend between realism and arcade style, which is perfect in a game like this as you want to be able to speed along as a beginner.

The graphics are a joy and it is a conducive game to just stopping and playing rather than thinking about anything too much.

This isn’t the sort of thing you will burst down the door after a day's work to play, but rather something to play when you want to completely switch off.

It isn’t a mental challenge, it isn’t going to test your resolve endlessly or have you pulling your hair out.

Where this game really wins, is the world itself. For hours you can switch off the music and just have the wind be your companion as you ski, board or fly through some genuinely joyous landscapes.

For hours you can just get lost to the all of the settings and surroundings and the controls style and beautiful graphics will allow you to do it.


The game is formulaic, the challenges are either too hard or simple and they can get boring.

You can be inclined to find yourself rambling senselessly through the mountain with no clear goal as it so beautiful and the gameplay can seem to get in the way at times.

The paragliding you soon realise is actually quite a bit like communism, it is a good theory on paper, however once it comes to practice it's actually quite poor, and goes on longer than it should.

The open world is a bit of a strange open world in that it’s not the same open world you played in GTA and it can take some getting used to.

Multiplayer as well only allows four other players to play with you and quite often there only seemed to be one guy showing up all the time.

The game itself can exhaust its entire use in a short period of time, if you, like us, have a short attention span.


Steep is a fun game that I feel bad criticising, it’s like when your new puppy relieves himself on your carpet, he didn’t know he was doing something wrong.

The game is fun and even good enough to switch your mind off and go explore for a while, however it does get repetitive after a while and at €75 it is itself quite steep.

All in all its a 7/10. Fun, with some good ideas, but a little limited. Steep 2 should be a very fun game indeed

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