Street Fighter V's story mode lets you play as all DLC characters


Street Fighter V's story mode lets you play as all DLC characters

Street Fighter V’s story mode will be added at the end of the month as part of a free update. Capcom has revealed that you’ll be able to use all six DLC characters, including ones you haven’t bought and ones that haven’t been released yet.

Alex and Guile are currently available to download, while Ibuki is coming alongside the story mode. It means you’ll be able to play and get to grips with Balrog, Urien, and Juri ahead of their official release.

However, Capcom has warned that Balrog, Urien and Juri won't be tournament ready at this stage. Instead, it says that you should “think of this as a free preview of the characters.”

Capcom says that the story mode, which is titled “A Shadow Falls,” is a three to four hour experience and is made up of five chapters set between Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter III (yes, that is in the right order).

Meanwhile, Capcom has announced that it is abandoning plans to introduce Zenny, its form of in-game currency. Instead, players will be able to purchase from the PlayStation Store and Steam using real money. The ability to purchase characters with real money will be added with June’s update, meaning you won’t be able to use Guile or Alex anymore unless you’ve bought them.

Street Fighter V`s story mode lets you play as all DLC characters on
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