Strongbad comes to PS3. Attractive People rejoice.


Strongbad comes to PS3. Attractive People rejoice.
No Ugos!
'Checkin’ my Email! Email!...' If you are unaware of then congratulations, you're life lacks the recommended doses of sass, sarcasm and scathing comments. Rectify that. If you're lucky, and by extension, attractive enough to be familiar with Homestar, Strong Bad, the Cheat and even the formidable Teen girl Squad, you'll naturally be overjoyed to find out that Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People is coming straight for your PC to max out your satisfaction as only the sarcastic boxing-gloved luchadore can! Telltale Games episodic, enigmatic point and click adventures will become available for much download and much appreciation in the US on December 21 and Europe shortly after. Although the series was released for the Wii back in 2008, like any fine wine, such adventures merely mature, and fantastify with age. '... Really Hope it's from a Female! Female!'

Strongbad comes to PS3. Attractive People rejoice. on

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