Sucker Punch Announces Second Son Paper Trail Rewards


Sucker Punch Announces Second Son Paper Trail Rewards
Sadly, no paper power included...

Sucker Punch Productions, the developer behind the fantastically wonderful inFAMOUS: Second Son, has announced the rewards that'll be offered to players who finished the game's Paper Trail missions, but unfortunately they don't include paper power, which is bound to disappoint many players.

The missions, which will no longer be available after this coming Friday, had hinted at a brand new power for Delsin, as he chased down a mysterious conduit with a curious paper ability, and saw much speculation from gamers. The announcement confirmed that players who had completed each of the six missions would receive four new jackets for Delson and Celia's Mask - a little underwhelming in our opinion.

Explaining the reasoning behind not offering paper power, Sucker Punch's official Twitter account posted the following:

Even if you're a little underwhelmed by the rewards on offer, we recommend you get back into the game and finish up the six additional Paper Trail missions before time runs out! Any excuse for more Second Son is a good one in our book!

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